Perception is reality is realer than I perceived

I once had a employee who would trot out "Perception is reality" cynically whenever he perceived that management is "massaging the truth" to tell a story. Before him, I associated it with the Mad Men of the world, also laced with cynicism.

Recently, I realised this might be a much deeper truth than I could ever imagine. I was guided to this truth by Rob Burbea's "Seeing that Frees". In it, he said something about meditation that shook my understanding at its foundation.

I've always assumed that in meditation, we are supposed to look at reality as it is. The assumption is that there is an objective reality to look at. However, as a practitioners' meditation deepens, one sees that our whole world is created and intermediated by the mind. When this reality is seen deeply, it changes our mental model of the world.

Therefore, I would like to play around with this reality. Here a few core principles that I have tried on with some felt freedom, and would like to adopt more seriously.

  1. Everything is an iteration. Progress over perfection.
  2. Connection is everything.
  3. Wonder and play!
  4. There is no time but now.

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