New principles I'm trying out from Joe Hudson

  1. Embrace intensity

Yes Theory's "Seek discomfort" but intensity can also refer to positive emotions, such as intense joy. Another way to put it is "feel your feelings", or "let your feelings move". Although my emotional range has expanded over the years, I still have a default tendency to mute them, or keep them within a safe zone.

  1. Everything is an iteration

Tony Robbin has a similar one: "There is no failure, only results"

  1. Wonder!
  2. Connection, connection, connection
  3. Everything is empty

This is from Rob Burbea, from "Seeing that Frees". Not in a nihilistic way but more to shake off the sense of solidity that our world seems to possess. I have not seen for myself the ultimate reality behind that perspective but signs are pointing towards them.

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