Workshopping the talk later today

I'm doing a tech sharing later today, and have been slowly converging on a topic of interest, but now is the time to draw the lines in the sand and nail down the logical structure. Specifically...

  1. What are tools for thought
  • Dogma: what we accept without question
  • Tools for thought: language, numerals, graphs
  • Our r/s with such tools: not just for dumping and expressing our thoughts, but also for developing our thoughts. Similarly, they also constrain our thoughts.

eg. words on a text file

2. Have tools for thought evolved

  • Dogma: IT has progressed, Moore's Law is evidence of it
  • But has it?
  • Mother of All Demo/ Sketchpad
  • Bicycle for the mind
  • But look at most popular apps and websites
  • And the affordance of the iPad
  • Alan Kay - what did he say
  • Evolution optimises for replication and longevity of the species, and satisfices on everything else, including quality of ideas and quality of life for the individual
  • The 4 predictions/ most fertile period was the 60's and 70's because nobody knew anything, and they know that
  • The 3 dimensions of thought, how we are constrained

3. How creators can and are creating better tools for thought

  • Memory
  • Direct manipulation of data and time
  • Linked notes
  • Economics jupyter notebook
  • Interactive papers
  • Augmenting human intelligence with AI

4. Thoughts for users of such tools

  • Our value as knowledge workers originate from the quality of our thoughts
  • Be aware of how our tools of thought enable as well as constrain us
  • Question dogma, jump out of the box, leverage tools to see better

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