Timelog - 10 November 2021

Message to self:

I need a balance of both chaos and stability, crossing the boundaries frequently. It's the juxtaposition of the need for certainty and the need for variety - 2 conflicting but fundamental human needs. The Web3 black hole is deep, but this much is clear - it is as driven as much by culture and community as it is by technology alone. And it will take decades to pan out. More than that, there will be a lot of short-term noise and distractions that I have to learn to tune out. And there will be a lot of doubt and dissent from the other side that I have to recognise.

As with when I dived into startups, I need to avoid being too disconnected with the mainstream. There are some foundations that make a good life that I should embrace - many of them mainstream. I'm particularly impressed by our Pomp has returned external money to focus on his family, on reaping the rewards of being a time billionaire.

Walk the 2 lines, be pragmatic, incremental yet visionary. Invent, but also fast follow. Think but also execute. Plan, but also grind. Prioritise time to value, but also think super long term. Life is fascinatingly subtle and paradoxical this way.

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