Running Effective Staff Meetings


  1. Humans need to know each other, otherwise they will show their worst selves
  2. Stripe does off-site, give people shared vocabulary to describe themselves
  3. Task <> People, Extroverted <> Introverted
  4. Declare purpose and norms of meetings
  5. Actively decide what kind of decisions you are making, who is the decision maker
  6. Reset the groundwork every 6 months (new people join, people get bored)
  7. Operators and creators need to balance
  8. Operational mode and creator mode
  9. Creator mode doesn't have agenda, good energy for founders
  10. 1 norm is to have people enforce the norms
  11. If the meeting is not working, the team is not working

Running the meeting

  • Someone has to do it, or it will become anarchy
  • Purpose, agenda, limit, decisions (yes/no, which type - consensus, consultative, alignment, or just update)
  • Check-in and check-out
  • Check-in: personal and Stripe top-of-mind
  • Check-out: 1 word about how you feel about this meeting

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