Intensity and energy

A lot of unachieved goals in life is due not to misplaced strategies, or even unclear goals, but a lack of intensity and energy to break down all barriers. You'd be surprised at how far having a positive and tenancious mindset can bring you.

In the developed worlds, we suffer from abundance. Too much comfort, too much material wealth, not enough hunger to make a great impact. We can easily coast by our whole lives without doing much of anything - we might not be respected by society, but we won't be eliminated.

On a spectrum from desperation to satiety, I need to actively push myself towards the former pole. Not pure desperation, that's an unhealthy and unsustainable state, but fire in the belly. The state where you know you can work with little, you have incredible patience and you are wiling to sacrifice anything to achieve your goals. Like Siddartha said, you can think, you can fast, you can wait. Anything is within your reach with sufficient wisdom, patience and drive.

I remember when the company was first started, after dropping out of school. Boy, were we hungry. It was the survival instinct. If this doesn't work out, we would fall behind our peers, and go out and find jobs with our tails between our legs. That's unthinkable for me, and thus, we couldn't fail. We lived on little. At 1 point, I lived in the office on a tent bed. I wake up, work and then go sleep. Lived on steamed vegetables, and also pushed myself hard during workouts. Only go home for proper meals on weekends. It sounds harsh now, but I felt alive.

What if we all retain that hunger but for solving humanity's biggest problems. Keep that fire burning in the belly even after our bellies are filled. Yes it's possible to live a life of that intensity. You have to raise your standards extremely high. You have to feel an incredible sense of mission and necessity. It's incredibly empowering to know that the work of your lifetime can alter the trajectory of history just that little bit if you choose to work on the right thing, with prolonged intensity over decades. And there is more leverage nowadays. Billion-dollar wealth is created wtihin half a decade, which translates into a huge capital leverage to drive impact.

The biggest looming problem now is climate change. Let's all own 1 of the big OKRs in Speed and Scale and dedicate our working lives to achieving it. Personally, I am shortlisting a few to research more before picking 1 up. 1 is increasing nature-based carbon removal, another is reducing battery cost and a 3rd is eliminating the green premiums of zero-emissions energy sources. These are big problems, I don't yet know how to solve them yet, but I am determined to find a way.  

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