Facts of Life

As I grow older, experience tells me that there are some inescapable facts of life. We either get smacked by them, or we accept them. Here are a few I had been contemplating:

  1. To accomplish anything of significance, not everyone will like us. There will always be people who will be unhappy with our decisions, who might even try to harm and undermine us.
  2. Although I can achieve nearly any goal, I can't achieve all of them. I have limited time and energy on this earth.
  3. Similarly, I cannot do everything alone. I cannot work on every weakness, and master every skill. At different points of my journeys, I have to rely on other people.
  4. Most of my goals will take twice as long, cost twice as much, and be twice as hard as I initially estimate. Life is a long game.
  5. Everything we do, everything we own, everything we accomplish - they will turn to dust and be forgotten in due time.

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