Direct experience

I had been listening to and reading up on more Dhamma materials recently. It was initially very elucidating to have the Dhamma spelt out so explicitly and clearly in words, and I deeply appreciated it. However, I gradually ran into a side effect where I was relying more on the conceptual memory of Dhamma through my sanya to frame my experience. Ultimately, it was still filered through my perception, but I at times mistook it for direct insight and understanding.

This muddiness in comprehension of my experiences slowly accumulated until it became clear to my mind that it was a problem. On a run last night, in the midst of flipping around more concepts, my mind suddenly realised that this wasn't the path forward, and let go of all mental formations. It then resided in the direct experience of the current moment.

It unfortunately didn't sustain very long, but at least I now know the general direction of clear comprehension.

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