Been feeling down on self-respect

I have recently been caught in a bit of a rut, where I hadn't been feeling great about the lifestyle choices I had been making, be it in sleep, diet, time allocation.

Some good habits such as daily exercise, I have maintained, but I have also picked up some bad ones like browsing Reddit or Twitter on my bed till the wee hours.

This compounds into waking up late and missing my daily rituals, such as writing to this blog. This whole sense of letting myself down then translates into further procrastination.

1st step is awareness, and 2nd step is realising that recovery is 1 short hop away. 1 keystone habit to build is sleeping and waking early which is 10pm and 6am for me respectively. And thus, I resolve to start my evening meditation at 9pm tonight and wake by 6am for my morning exercise tomorrow.

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