Back at track and chatGPT

Back at track

I ran at a track and field for the first time in years at 8am. The red asphalt, green fields, and achy legs brought back memories of my track and field days, where I trudge to training a tired body and unwilling mind.


Our PR person pinged me today to write an article about chatGPT and how it would affect our jobs. What a great opportunity to use it. Within minutes, I spun up an article but was disappointed at how bland it was. It took a bit of coaxing ("write like Tim Ferriss", "Be less PC!") and a lot of editing before it became something I was willing to submit. It took me less than 30 minutes whereas previously, I'd have carved out half a day, and it made me realise a lot of my time was spent deliberating on decisions that readers don't care about. A lesson about output in general!

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